Announcing HersheyTel.Net DSL Service

No More Dialing!

Zero Activation Charge!

(for a limited time)

HersheyTel.Net now offers DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Internet service in most of our service locations.  This fabulous new technology allows your computer to access the Internet up to 5 times faster than dial-up Internet service.

With DSL, you are able to access any Web site in a flash.  The high-speed Internet connection is far less expensive than other options such as T1 lines. HersheyTel.Net DSL service is ideal for your growing business computer networks, or for many home Internet users.  You will reach your e-mail instantly and send and receive large files in seconds rather than minutes.

DSL Service requires a special signal to carry the Internet over one of your existing telephone lines (you no longer will need to dial to connect to the Internet!).  Plus this phone line is still available for you to make calls - even while surfing the 'net.

DSL also requires a special DSL modem to be connected from your phone line to your computer.

Great Rates for Great DSL Service!
DSL Lite
(up to 1MB speed)
$29.95 monthly
DSL Basic
(up to 4MB speed)
$39.95 monthly
DSL Premium
(up to 6MB speed)
$49.95 monthly
DSL Silver
(up to 8MB speed)
$59.95 monthly
DSL Gold
(up to 10MB speed)
$69.95 monthly
Important Notes:
  • Requires one year service agreement.
  • Includes use of standard ADSL router/modem and standard installation.
  • Additional equipment and installation may be extra.
  • Minimum computer hardware requirements apply.
  • Service may not be available to all customers.  Please check with us for details.
Easy Ways to Order DSL Service:
Click Here to Email us, and we'll follow up with you by telephone to see if your phone service is eligible for DSL then get things started.

Call us at 308-368-5561 and we can help answer your questions and see if DSL service is available for you!
Thank you for subscribing to HersheyTel.Net