Get an additional E-Mail Account from Hersheytel Net!

Many Hersheytel Net subscribers find it useful to have two, three or more Internet electronic mail accounts. Consider a separate e-mail account for a spouse, other family members, or your business. These additional mailboxes can be accessed through your existing dial-up account and cost only $2 per month ($5 one-time activation fee).

Here's How to Create an Additional E-Mail Account:

Call us to activate your new additional email account. Call either our Help Desk at 800-232-7094 or the Business Office at 308-368-5561.  You should have the following information handy:

  • First and Last Name for new email account
  • Existing Internet Account Username 
  • Preferred Username (email address) for the new account (4-15 lowercase letters and/or numbers.  Must begin with a letter).
  • Preferred Password for the new email account (4-15 lowercase letters and/or numbers).

2. Select "Download Additional E-Mail Program Software" to configure your computer with another mailbox.
3. A $
5 one-time activation fee and an additional $2 monthly charge will be billed to your existing Hersheytel Net account.

4. Your new Hersheytel Net e-mail account will appear in the Hersheytel Net Directory.


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