Start Here to Explore The World Wide Web!

The best way to begin your exploration of the Internet's World-Wide-Web is to use one of the several Internet search "engines" found in Cyberspace.

These act as "directories" of the resources found on the Internet, and allow you to search for the things that interest you by entering keywords. Try those listed below. It's easy, and a fun way to start finding Internet wonders around the world!

AskJeeves! Yahoo  Snap!
Infoseek Google
Web Crawler
Magellan Hot Bot
Lycos 3Apes 
Yahoo For Kids! Digi-Zone
Excite Scrub The Web
Northern Light  AmeraServe 
Worldlight 1stSpot
Search4info Qango
Open Directory   AOL Netfind
MSN Search Port of Search
AltaVista Find this:   

Many parents are concerned about adult-oriented materials available on the Internet. As the industry works for better ways to protect young people, parental involvement in children's use of this medium remains the single best way to monitor its use.

Listed below are links to some software manufacturers who have created programs to help "block" or "track" use of your Internet access. While we cannot guarantee how effective they may be, these are reputable firms, and these programs have wide-spread use.

SurfWatch Cyber Patrol Cyber Sitter Net Nanny

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