Kids Zone

Here's a list of great links to fun and educational kids stuff on the Internet. If you find a great kids site, let us know so we can share it with other Hersheytel Net subscribers!

Games, Puzzles and more
Games and interactive adventures
Math and science games
Homework Helper
Much Here For Kids
Fitness Fundimentals
From The President's Council on Physical Fitness!
Stanford Testing Systems
Sample SAT Tests and More
SI for Kids
Sports Illustrated for Kids
Kids software
Children's Express
News for Kids, by Kids!
The White House
A Tour For Kids!
A Great Internet Search Engine for Kids Stuff!
The Smithsonian Institution
A National Treasure
The Supersite for Kids
Very Cool Site!
Volcanos of the World
Visit the Volcano of the Week
Germs, bugs, worms and more yucky stuff
Ontario Science Center
Interactive Science Projects
Kids Domain
Very creative kids site
All Your Public TV Favorites
ExploraNet- Terrific Information and Activities! Tour Universal Studios
Classroom on the Net- On-Line Classroom! Fun School - Great grade school site!
Virtual Lecture Hall- Lectures on Virtually Anything From Around The World Grolier
Educational Book Source
ScholasticNet- Web Site from the Scholastic People National Geographic
Lots For Kids And Adults!
Science Explorer
Great Educational Site
Planet Zoom
"Kids Favorite Web Site"

More Cool Links!

Children's MusicWeb


Environmental Education


Cyber Kids

Ask Dr. Math

American Yo-Yo Association

Geology Net

You Rule School



History for Kids

Kid's Corner

Periodic Table

Gymnasts OnLine

Park Net


Discovery Channel OnLine

San Diego Zoo


Movie Mom's Guide

Grading The Movies

Ranger Rick

The Florida Aquarium

Lego Official Site

Paramount Pictures

The Math Forum

Universal Pictures

Sports Illustrated for Kids

Science Matters

Summer Camps  



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