Important Information for New Subscribers

Please take a few moments to read over these important points which will help you fully enjoy the benefits of your Internet access account!

Acceptable Use Of Our System

Please click here to read and understand our Acceptable Use Policy. All subscribers must adhere to its contents.

Guide To The Internet

If you are brand new to the Internet, we suggest you take a few minutes and click here and/or here to visit web sites full of helpful information for first-time Internet users. These "Guides to Internet Basics" will help you a great deal becoming familiar with this technology and how it can work best for you.

Software Choices

There are thousands of software choices available to access the Internet. Web Browsers include Netscape, Internet Explorer and others. Electronic mail programs include Eudora, Microsoft's Outlook Mail, Netscape Mail and more. Any reliable Internet program should operate well with our system, however, we obviously cannot support all the available applications. In general terms, we support the use of the software we distributed to you at the time you began service. If you have questions about upgrades or other software/application issues, please feel free to contact our Help Desk.

Subscriber Support Services

Click here for more information on subscriber support services available to you!

Additional Subscriber Services

We offer a variety of additional services from additional e-mail accounts to direct Internet connections. If you have any special needs to requests, please Email us. We'd be happy to help!

Improving Your Access Speeds

The largest variables determining your access speed (the speeds at which pages load, etc) are your modem speed, your computer's available RAM, and overall Internet traffic. Here is a discussion of each:

Modem Speed: The slower your modem, the longer it will take to transfer files (view web pages). You need to have at least a 14.4kbps modem to use the Internet. A 28.8kbps modem will transfer pages twice as fast and so on with faster modems still. Check the documentation on your modem to determine it's maximum speed. As with all high-speed communication, connection speeds will vary depending on telephone line quality, time of day, weather and other factors.

RAM: Adding to your computer's memory (RAM) may significantly increase how fast your Web Browser and WWW pages load. These are large programs and files, and it seems that 16MB of RAM is about minimum for reasonable operation. If you currently have less than 16MB of RAM in your computer, you would notice significant improved performance with more memory.

Internet Traffic: As you know, use of the Internet is growing explosively. During times of high use, access times (and ability to access some sites at all) is greatly reduced. Peak periods tend to be between 4pm-10pm. During these hours you will notice much slower operation than at other times. This is simply due to the greatly increased traffic on the entire Internet "backbone" system. We continuously monitor our connections to the Internet to ensure they are sufficient to keep from creating "bottle-necks" for our subscribers. In most all cases peak traffic slow-downs are outside of the system we control.

Personal and Commercial Homepages

Click here for information on placing your personal or commercial WWW "Home Page" on this system!

You Can Help!

We'd like this service to continue growing as an online resource for local information. We will be happy to help any local community group or non-profit organization post FREE web pages on this system. Click here for details. We would welcome your Church, Civic Group, Little League Team or Professional Organization to the Internet!

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